Counterpoint is for ohso intelligent people. Now also for dummies.
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Counterpoint for Dummies

Counterpoint is generally considered an art for very intelligent people. Only very very intelligent people can get good at it.

This is why the Schools of Composition around the world indulge in using books like André Gedalge's Traité de la Fugue.

The Traité de la Fugue by André Gedalge was intended as a multi-volume work but only the first volume, La fugue d'école, was produced. It is a century-old treatise on counterpoint and fugue which is full of rules with no explanation whatsoever. This is because composition students are supposed to be very intelligent and understand things without explanation.

For those who, like me, are less endowed with sparkling intelligence, this project would like to integrate these rules with the necessary explanations.

The project may then extend to other books and treatises.


This is a work in progress. Please come back later on to check it's status.


Copyright(c) 2015 Nicola Bernardini

This work is licensed under the terms of CC-BY SA 3.0